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Secret II

The nature of "secret" is contradictory.


"Secret" is the concealment of things, which is a kind of internal concealment; but human beings have the desire to disclose the secret so to relieve the uncomfortable feeling of hiding them in the heart.  Each cultural systems or countries have different methods and symbols to relieve the discomfort feeling of hiding secrets; these symbols sometimes are in common, and some are unique which only for particular cultures.


The artist uses performances, videos and let the audience participate in the art, so that the audience/viewers can evoke these inherent needs (concealment and release) of everyone through the artwork and explore the characteristics of the "secret" itself.




Secret Part I : performance recorded by Video 1 min

秘密 (第一部分): 行為,錄像紀錄 1 分鐘

"Well...I will read a few lines to you, but do not translate.  In this way, you can hear the secrets and the secrets are still secrets."



Secret Part II: Video 1: 40 mins English version, 2:05 min Chinese version

秘密 (第二部分): 行為,錄像紀錄 中文版 1 分 40 秒、英文版  2 分 15 秒

Go on , or not to go....


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