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Performance recorded on video 2'45"

Although we do not remember the existence before this body (life), we still feel that our mind contains the essence of certain eternal species, and thus… it is eternal, and we also feel that this existence cannot be defined by time, or cannot be explained by the duration of the period. (Baruch de Spinoza "Ethics", Part 5, Proposition 23 )

行為,錄像紀錄 2'45"

雖然我們不記得此身之前的存在,卻仍會感覺到我們的心靈包含了隸屬於某個永恒物種之下的本質,因而是永恒的,也會感覺到這種存在不能以時間來定義,或不能藉由存續的時段來說明 ( 斯賓諾莎 《倫理學》,第五部分,命題二十三 )。

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