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(Performance, Video recorded ,13.27 mins , 2020)


​In Between protection and isolation, boundary is established, when it becomes unbreakable, people do not willing to change, so the "boundary" will always be there, limit themselves.


Binding and cutting of boundaries are processes of entering, passing and overcoming. Only when one  begins to have a real understanding can truly see what is going on, and what is brought to him / her from experience.


As human beings, with different boundaries, we have different reactions. Through the reactions, we can have a real understanding…to see one's inner self… the real surrounding…and the existence.


(行為,錄像記錄 13"27" 2020)


攞脫界限同樣是擺脫「自我」,是一個內在進入、進行與克服的過程。 只有當一個人「真正」了解自我界限時,才能「真正」看到正在發生的事情,以及從中帶給他/她的一切。


(Performance, Video recorded ,13.27 mins , 2020)

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