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Chasing and Finding I

Installation, size variable

Clay dolls 23 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm

Chasing the Imaginary past, Present is the cycling of the past… 

Only human beings have the intention to trace back, and this behavior makes people feeling safe and secure.

All the objects that are being traced are “past”. Through a root-seeking journey, humans can enrich their understanding among themselves or things around them, but what will be appeared when finally traced to the origin? The clay doll toy of the 5th century BC, and the current ball jointed doll is the same in structure, and even the size.


“Present and past” ? “New or old”? “Alternating or overlapping”?  People always traced back and finally found that some of the essence has not changed for thousands of years? Or saw the evolution of oneself, culture and the world?

The artist help her own cat ball jointed doll traces her ancestors.  So they can meet and then have a wonderful time together.



裝置 尺寸可變

陶塑  23 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm



所有被追溯的對象都是逝去的,人類通過尋根旅程,增進對自己或身邊事物的了解,但追溯到源頭裏究竟會顯現什麼 ? 公元前五世紀的女童娃娃玩具,與現今的球體關節人形 (Ball jointed doll) 同出一徹。


新與舊、交替又重疊,人一直在追溯,最終是發現幾千年來有些本質始終沒有改變? 還是看見了自身、文化與世界的演進? 



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