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Installation, size variable


“A few years ago when I was in the Lei Yue Mun seafood market, I found that the mantas shrimp were trapped in the plastic bottle before being eaten. I felt very uncomfortable about this storage method. I felt that they were so eager to push out in order to have more space. I think if I am so trapped, how I would feel.”


Therefore the artist tried to do something for them, she found a small restaurant that have the “fired mantas shrimp” as one of the dishes in their menu and was willing to keep the shells for her after its guests ate the mantas shrimp, estimated she collected around 36 pieces of mantas shrimp’s shell, then she disinfected the shrimp shell. Dry them and then make a mud tomb for them to become their place of peace. In the mud tomb, it have a video which loop playing the ocean scene and they can have free space and free to move, so as to satisfy the dream among them.


After the series is completed, the sediment and shrimp shell will be returned to nature.


Everyone who wants to watch the artwork must bow his head, knee down and bend his body to see the whole artwork. These poses are a salute to these prawns, a ritual of funeral.


裝置 尺寸可變

「幾年前經過鯉魚門海鮮市場,發現瀨尿蝦在被吃掉前會困在膠樽內,心裏對這種存放方法感到很不舒服,覺得他們好焗促,連轉身的空間也沒有,心想如果是自己被這樣困着, 會是怎樣的感覺。」 


故藝術家試著為牠們做一點東西,找到了願意留起蝦殼的小菜館,留起客人吃了瀨尿蝦後的蝦殼,估計約 36 隻,然後為蝦殼消毒、風乾,再為他們做一個泥墓,成他們的安身之地。在泥墓內,他們可擁有自由的空間,在本屬於他們的地方自由活動,為他們圓夢。




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