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Happening recorded on video 14"28"

Is it a “secret” if it is not announced but sticks to the street?


When the people who are involved in the secret disappearing but the public can see it, is it still a secret?


The artist use behaviour to investigate the ingredients that make a "thing" become a "secret", which include objects, speech (words), time and spaces.

"Once upon a time there are two people which did not meet each other for long time, the one who want to share something to another arbitrarily wrote the words and thoughts in her own iPhone, she recorded the messages and sentences more than two years, and no one knows. Few years later, she decided to use the street posting behavior to send her words out. She post on the street that her friend often passes before... Although she does not know whether he / she will see those message."





行為,錄像紀錄片 14'28"









「很久以前,已沒有見面的兩人,一方把欲與另一方分享的話語,隨意地寫在 IPhone 的筆記薄裏,兩年多斷斷續續的記錄,沒有對任何人說過這些記錄與文字。幾年後 ,她決定用這方法把話語說出。在朋友以前會經常經過的地方……雖然他不知道朋友還會否經過那些地點。」


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