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On fire 2018

On Fire 2018 - Burning the Kinky Worms - Respond to Murakami Haruki novel "Killing Commendatore" was rated as the second category of indecent articles.

"I am a Murakami fans. Murakami's novels can be said to be "growing up together with me".


From novel "Norwegian Wood" to present, the degree of sex description in each of his novels are more or less the same. If The Obscene Articles Tribunal in 26 July 2018 lists Murakami recent novel "Killing Commendatore" as a publication that are the same level as the "Dragon Tiger Leopard" (The second type of indecent articles), then it can be said that: “I saw Murakami novels about 20 years, I become a kinky worms.”


So during this “On fire 2018”, The artist burned one to several kinky worms, and a “special edition” "Killing Commendatore" will also be burned to another dimension, or maybe, that dimension (place) will have more freedom than the current places she lives now...


燒數薄 - 回應淫審處將村上春樹小說《刺殺騎士團長》評為第二類不雅物品。


本人是一名「村上粉」,村上的小說可說是「伴我成長20年」,由《挪威的森林》開始到現在,村上每一本小說的內容在愛慾上的描寫,都沒有多大程度上的差別。如果淫審處把其近作《刺殺騎士團長》列為與《龍虎豹》同級的刊物 (第二類不雅物品),那本人在約 20 多年間於村上文字的薰陶下,應該已變成淫蟲一條,故於是次燒數薄2018,將會燒淫蟲一至數條,及把特製的特別版《刺殺騎士團長》燒進第二個空間,或可能、那空間會比現在的維度擁有更多自由…

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