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Lost Bird

Performance on video 2'36"

"Lost Bird" was about birds and humans in an urban city.


The artwork includes three section: two videos and one photos slide show, for video parts artist uses her own gesture and repeated movement to repeat the situation she observes in this city, and let viewers rethink the living space and lives living here. The slide show is about a continuous story of catlady (貓星人), citizen and ladycat (artist) interaction, which use metaphor to express artist’s concern of city development and herself   . Whole series use narrative to represents artist will to break through the boundaries, finding hope and new way.

​行為,錄像紀錄 2'36"


這是藝術家對城市空間的回應。鄭探討城市設計與同住者的關係,作品以敍述方式(Narration) 說故事,於城市、自身、同住者之間的關係中以身體代表探索,試圖打破彊界,尋找希望與出路。


作品由3 個部分組成。包括兩段影像及一組相片,錄像是透過現成物與身體動態、行為與這城市空間碰撞;相片則是藝術家家以一直持續創作的貓星人與城市區住者及貓人(藝術家本身) 相遇的故事,以敍述及隠喻表達對城市設計、以至自身的關注。

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