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a split second at Yue Man Square

"a split second at Yue Man square " is a community art event. ​


On May 19, 2019, the artists (Anita Cheng & Heily Lai ) create an event to public at Yue Man Square, a landmark in the old district of Kwun Tong, which is about to be demolished and has a history of more than 50 years. The artists invite interested parties and neighbourhoods to create a large-scale foam painting together on the platform of Yue Man Square. Also, the unburnt clay is made into nails and hammered into the hard concrete wall, which symbolise  about disappear and remain. Through joint creation, the artists together with the citizen experience and create memories together in the space that is about to disappear. And discuss about  "disappearance" and "remembrance" in various form and feeling.


2019 年 5 月19 日,藝術家伙拍另一藝術家黎貝瑩,在即將清拆、具有五十多年歷史的觀塘舊區地標裕民坊,與參與者進行一些與消失有關的事件,藝術家邀請有興趣的人士與街坊,於裕民坊平台上以泡沫共同創作出一幅大型泡沫畫;並把未燒的陶泥做成釘子,以錘子揼進石屎牆上,透過共同參與創作,一起在那個即將消失的空間經驗、創造回憶。並對有關種種的「消失」、「緬懷」進行討論。

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